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Preserving Wellness, Preventing Illness, & Promoting Recovery
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Integrative Functional Medicine & Addiction Medicine located in Spokane, WA. Preserving Wellness, Preventing Illness, and Promoting Recovery

House Of Healing offers whole-person care to adults in and around Spokane, Washington. Led by board-certified family physician Pamil Sidhu, MD, the practice specializes in primary care services, functional medicine, and suboxone treatment.

The team of healthcare professionals at House of Healing draws on their medical expertise and training to provide integrative healthcare services, including effective diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune conditions, metabolic dysfunction, hormonal imbalance, addiction, and neurological disorders.

Dr. Sidhu and her team at House of Healing focus on their patients rather than the diseases affecting them. The practice emphasizes honing in on the root cause of a patient’s health issue rather than merely addressing symptoms with medications. Conventional medicine tends to focus on the signs of illness. In contrast, House of Healing looks deeper at the foundational lifestyle factors that affect health.

Each person who walks through the door is treated as an individual. Following the belief that the understanding the underlying source of health problems can better help solve the systems to create a more full life, the team at House of healing looks at each patients’ sleep, exercise, nutrition, and stress levels. Improving these factors through medical services, wellness education, and personal development is essential to lasting good health.

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Dr. Pamil Sidhu

Dr. Pamil Sidhu

Dr. Sidhu is a board-certified family physician and specializes in Integrative Functional Medicine. After completing medical school, she pursued a Family Medicine residency at the University of Wisconsin. After residency graduation, she completed a Fellowship in Surgical Obstetrics in Spokane, WA. She loved this area so much and decided to stay and practice locally. She is married and has a wonderful daughter and a son. Dr. Sidhu loves spending her time on self-improvement activities which she shares and passes along to her patients. She believes knowledge and self-awareness empower people. One of her favorite things to do is to educate her patients, not only on their medical diagnosis but also in lifestyle coaching. She loves to listen to music, travel, read, and learn something new every day.


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